Software Engineer @ Deutsche Telekom IT

Hi, I'm a backend developer who is building efficient and scalable microservices using Java. I specialize in developing microservices with Spring Boot and Quarkus.
In my current role, I develop and maintain various microservices using Spring Boot and Quarkus. I'm also skilled in using other technologies, such as MongoDB, Docker, RESTful APIs and more.



  • Website for an event technician
  • Contact/booking functionality
  • Tech-Stack: Angular, Bootstrap, Firebase (Hosting, Firestore, Cloud Functions)
Screenshot Just Another Workout Timer

Logo Just Another Workout TimerJust Another Workout Timer

  • FOSS Workout app with custom workout routines
  • Tech-Stack: Flutter/Dart
F-Droid/Just Another Workout Timer
Github/Just Another Workout Timer


  1. June 2017

    A-Level (Abitur) at Oskar Gründler Gymnasium Gebesee

    • Grade: 1.8
  2. October 2017 - December 2020

    Dual Study at Deutsche Telekom IT GmbH

    • Degree: B. Sc. in Applied Computer Science (B.Sc. Angewandte Informatik) at Hochschule für Telekommunikation in Leipzig
    • Grade: 1.5
    • Thesis: "Analysis of the impact on the development of a Salesforce application when using the Apex Common Library"
      (Analyse der Auswirkungen auf die Entwicklung einer Salesforce-Anwendung beim Einsatz der Apex Common Library)
    • Tech-Stack: React, MongoDB, Typescript, Express
  3. October 2021 - today

    Masters degree at Fernuniversität Hagen

    • Degree: M. Sc. in Practical Computer Science (M.Sc. Praktische Informatik)
  4. December 2020 - June 2022

    Software Engineer at Deutsche Telekom IT GmbH

    • Tech-Stack: Salesforce (Configuration and Apex), Mulesoft
  5. June 2022 - today

    Software Engineer at Deutsche Telekom IT GmbH

    • Developing and maintaining a complex microservice architecture
    • Scrum and DevOps
    • Tech-Stack: Java, MongoDB, Quarkus, Spring Boot